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Suede and Leather

Suede and Leather
Dryclean Express 21 years of experience with suede and leather has led us to become experts within the Antelope Valley area. Our customers leather and suede garments are put into separate processes in which each garment is first examined and then placed according to the garments special needs. We do all that we can to revive that soft and supple feeling you once felt from that special leather jacket.

Ugg & Shoe Cleaning
Along with our suede and leather services, we provide you with the ugg and shoe cleaning service. Dressing up doesnt only require wearing fashionable apparel. The shoes are important too. Our ugg and shoe cleaning service provides our customers with the option to clean their uggs and shoe for that clean, refreshing addition to the perfect outfit.
This specialized cleaning service includes complete inside and outside restoration and cleaning, stain removal, water-proofing, seam and tear repairing, and zipper replacements. Well do what we can in order for you to wear those uggs and look good for as long as possible.

Handbag Cleaning
At Dryclean Express, we know that delicate handbags are difficult to preserve when carried so often. Therefore, we have created the ultimate restoration system in order to preserve the beauty within each handbag by cleaning and moisturizing each handbag according to its original design. If necessary, we can also remove stains, restore color, and water proof. After Dryclean Express is done with your handbag, you feel a sense of rejuvenation just from carrying your freshly cleaned handbag.