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AV's most "EARTH" Friendly Cleaners!


We are proud to offer a high quality service at a Reasonable Price.
The following services include Free pick-up and delivery, Free spot removal (3 professional stain specialists on the premises). Free minor repairs, Free Collar stays, Free Collar support, Free buttons (stock availability only), and Quality Guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Prices represent standard items; any special type of material, pleating, lining, linen, spendex, decoration or detail could increase the price.

Dry Cleaning

2 Piece Suit (ladys & mens) $8.75
Sport Coats/Ladys suit jacket $4.65
Pants/ Ladys Slacks $3.89
Blazers $4.65
Dry Clean Shirts $3.89
Blouses $3.89
Dresses Regular $7.25
Silk Shirts $4.89
Ties $3.95
Skirts $3.95
Shorts $3.89
Sweaters $4.25
Vest $3.10
Uniform Shirts/ Pants $3.50
Coat Regular $7.50
Lab Coat $4.50

Press Only Shirts/ Pants/ Slacks/ Blouses $2.79
Press Only Jacket $3.95
Press Only Dresses $5.50

Dress Shirts (hanger) $2.25
Dress Shirts (box or bag) $2.75
Tuxedo Shirts $2.99

Reg. Hems/ Zippers/ Waist Take in or Take Out $10.50 to $12.50 or More.